Friday, April 19, 2013

Cupcakes... YUMMM-EEE!

This week, I made two cupcake deliveries!!!  Let me just say, making these babies and not being able to lick a finger was cruel... BUT I am so excited to have such great will power. My recipe is receiving such crazy reviews.  I may just have to put Bubble Cake out of business.  LOL!  Tyson came home with two notes from his teachers asking for the recipe. 
 They might be "over the hill", but they are amazing pastors!
Our 3 pastors all have APRIL birthdays.
"April showers, bring May flowers"
And THEY Tyson's Teachers help him to bloom.
I delivered cupcakes to Tyson's school teachers/mentors.

Guidance Counselor
2nd Grade Teachers
PE Teacher
Art Teacher
Music Teacher

We aren't brown nosing!