Monday, April 15, 2013

Commercial: Clever, Comical, Corrupt, Crude or Cunning?

I'd LOVE your opinion.  Our family became privy to this commercial, ON ACCIDENT, last night, right before sitting down to dinner.  We didn't know whether to laugh and rewatch it or shut it off and have a discussion about it with the kids.  I'll leave our decision in question.


  1. Replies
    1. Catchy! I would have a talk with my grandchildren because I do not the teachers will understand the humor in it unless they saw the commercial. Mom

  2. David and I turned it off when it started to play a second time. He also thought they were actually saying the curse word and not ship, I had to prove it to him in the title of the video. So we were not huge fans and were surprised that they put it on national television, though in some ways I'm not surprise with the other trash that it out there.

  3. David and I had to turn it off when it started playing a second time. He honestly thought they were saying the curse word until I showed him in the title that they were say ship. We weren't huge fans of the commercial.


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