Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Candnée" aka Grandee!!!

My mother-in-law has been attending church with us, on a regular basis, for several months now.  I am so thankful to God that he has implanted those desires in her heart.  She is putting her relationship with God FIRST above any other Sunday "joy" or fears of what others may think.  Our children have really enjoyed seeing her every Sunday and when she is NOT there, they get disappointed.  Renee is slowly inheriting the name "Candnée".

Renee comes to church with a bag full of goodies, that our children depend on, and NOW a few others... Cohen and Caleb.  I told Renee that we desire to nickname her "Candnee". She exclaimed, "That's okay.  I think it's cute!"  We used to have a woman in our church called "Candy Karen".  She would greet the children, during "Meet and Greet", with a bag FULL of candy!!!  ALL of the children would swarm her and grab a hand full of candy, as if it was Halloween.  I think Renee should be the new "Candy Karen".  Her name, Renee, allows for a new clever name.... CANDNEE!!!
Renee is very consistent. The goodies always consist of skittles, starbursts, and ritz bits.
Renee, we love you!  We are thankful for your desire to attend church every Sunday.  I am glad you are enjoying Nick's preaching, but most importantly that you are getting a better understanding of the Lord's commands, so that you can honor Him who SAVES.