Sunday, March 31, 2013

Recognizing HIS Crucifixion and Resurrection!

Before Aeila left, I was so thrilled to go over the true meaning of Easter with everyone (including her).  We sat down at the dining room table and did the traditional resurrection eggs.  It was a tad intense trying to keep 5 children, between the ages of 8 months old - 7 years old, quiet and focused, but we completed going through all of the eggs. I am amazed at how well these children know the gospel.  I am thankful that, although not yet saved, the seeds are being planted and the children are able to retain the good news.
After we finished the resurrections eggs, the reward for listening and answering questions were these educational jelly beans :)  Thanks to our dear friend Ashely, who blessed the kids with an Easter treat, we had another opportunity to drill some more theology into their little heads.  Anytime you mix soul food and physical food together, you can't go wrong.