Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dressed Up For Easter!

Easter, at the beach, didn't stop us from dressing up!!!  It's not what we planned to wear to church, but it's still Springy.  I love this color scheme, especially against the green palm trees.  Some of these photos crack me up.  Oh Tyson!  He's like Mr. Jeckyll and Hide.  Lilah is definitely interested in the camera lately.  She loves to pose.  And Jax... well, he's just simple, happy, lovable, and cooperative Jax.  Who could ask for anything more?
I couldn't decide which photos I liked best, so I included them ALL!
The above photo truly shows my children's overall personalities.  Oh-Tyson! LOL!  It actually makes me laugh out loud for some reason.
Everywhere we went, people commented on this trio today.  I guess the color coordinated outfits caught the attention of many or maybe it was an eye sore.  He he.  It was a family effort. I wish someone would have offered to take a family pic. 
I'm not sure why these photos appear so grainy :(  Double click on them to see clear photos.