Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Second Grade's Christmas Party!!!

On the last day of school, before Christmas break, Tyson's class had a Christmas party.  I helped out and Lilah and Jaxon joined in on the fun!!!  The kids had a snack, made a cute snowman craft, played Christmas carol charades, on the "active board", and received a chuck full goody bag (a collection of goodies from volunteered parents).  
Tyson also made certain to partake in his normal activity as "class clown" (luckily, he does it at the appropriate times... it has NEVER gotten him in trouble).  THAT was the EXACT SAME REASON I fell in love with his daddy!!  Just a little side note/ "did you know" fact aout Darren, did you know Darren was voted and received the superlative, "Best sense of humor" in 10th grade?  It's even documented in our year book if you don't believe me.  Haha.  I'll have to pull that year book out one day!
We have been blessed to have Ms. Thomsen TWO YEARS IN A ROW!  I honestly wish we could have her every year.  She is a truly gifted teacher.