Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Go Spurs!!!!

Tyson's FIRST year of basketball has been in session for well over a month now, but his first (2) games just took place last week (Thursday and Saturday). Darren is the assistant coach. Their team name is the "Spurs".  Ty's team lost by 2 points in their first game, but if you ask Ty, he'd say, "We tied!" They did, however, WIN their second game by 2 points.  If you'll allow me to say this without sounding arrogant or bias, I believe, this is by far Tyson's BEST sport. He hustles well and stays right on top of the ball the entire game.  I think he loves this sport because it is really fast paced.  There's always something going on for this BUSY/RAMBUNCTIOUS 7 year old :) There are a ton of pictures and NO captions. I didn't have it in me to narrate the entire two games :) If you can't bring yourself to view ALL of the photos, I will post a few of my favorites below!!! OR you can come see him in action MOST Saturdays!!