Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas with Grandad and Grandnee

For the past two years, our family has been doing a Christmas brunch with Grandad and Grandnee, instead of dinner. Breakfast is so delicious and you can't mess it up.  Last year, we went to their home. This year, I hosted Christmas brunch. BOTH years, I have made a creme brulee french toast casserole as well as an egg casserole. BOTH are scrumptious.  Grandnee provides fresh fruit, bacon, and orange juice.   

The kids were smiling from ear to ear from all the generous gifts that they received from their grandparents, but truly, they just love to be in their presence.  They cherish the time they can "beat up grandad" and laugh with grandnee.  I think it's evident in the photos below.  :)

Grandad and Grandnee, thank you so much for all of the amazing gifts.  Hopefully, once the weather warms up, the kids will begin enjoying their plasma cars.  Ty will have a blast with his personalized Hokie cornhole.  Jax is learning the ropes of his putter pool table and Lilah will think of you as she walks her "babies" in her new pottery barn double stroller.  I have to say, the kids are really enjoying the other gifts you picked out. Maybe next year, I'll leave it all up to you :)
Plasma cars... one for each kid!
Hugs of gratitude.
Now... back to opening MORE!
Jax LOVES his grandad.
Wrestle time!
Hiding and running from mommy's camera.
Not sure why, but this was a game of, "SMELL MY FEET", LOL!  OH the things you do for your kids and GRANDKIDS.
Snuggles and hugs!
"On top of OLD grandad!"
It was a special day with the Bollings. The weather was beautiful. The kids were able to play inside and outside with their grandparents.