Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lilah's FIRST Ballet Recital

Lilah had her FIRST BIG debut on stage after 10 full weeks of ballet practice. I did my best to encourage her and prepare her for what being on stage was going to be like. She always had me convinced that she was going to do it and do it well. We practiced the ways NOT to sing (screaming or whispering) and we practiced keeping our fingers out of our mouth (a bad, bad, bad habit for this age group when they are nervous), and we talked about making sure her focus was on her teacher, not the audience. She nailed them ALL!!! It might have been the bribe I made her before she got on stage, but sometimes, you gotta do, what you gotta do. LOL! Her sweet friend Ansley also danced that day. She did exceptionally well too! I hope you enjoy the photos. The next recital is in April or May (I can't keep tract). I hope more family/friends can make it :)
There's my little performer!!!
After Lilah's show, Tyson was elated to give Lilah some pink roses.  
Ansley doing her thang!
Grandad and Grandnee came out to support Lilah
An attempt at a, almost complete, family photo.
Why are these things always so difficult to do?
Lilah received flowers from Ms. Ashely too!
She doesn't forget a soul.