Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

I love the things children say. They are funny, innocent, and 100% TRUE.

Setting 1: Darren in our bed, before nap time, reading to Jax and Lilah. Darren begins reading the first book. After the third page or so, I walked into the room and with the largest amount of enthusiasm in Lilah's voice she exclaims,

Lilah: "Hey MOM?!?!?!"
Mom: "Yes honey!"
Lilah: "Daddy knows how to read!"

We all started dying laughing. I think this epiphany resurfaced after a very busy summer of Darren being able to find little to no time to read to the twins. BUT... that does NOT mean he hasn't done other things with them. He is their full time playmate :)

Setting 2: Last night, after small group, I asked the kids to take off of their clothes and run them to the laundry room. The laundry room was flipped upside down. Clothes in the hamper, piled to the ceiling, clothes in washing machine wet, clothes in the dryer, clothes on the floor clean, clothes folded on top of the washing machine, clothes on the ironing board waiting to be hung up or ironed, clothes EVERYWHERE. Jax, my anal child, walks in to the laundry room and gasps saying,

Jax: "MOM!!!!!!"
Mom: "Yes Jax!"
Jax: "Did you see this laundry room?"

HA HA. You know the laundry room is in a state of devastation when your three year old has to tell you it's time to get a move on. Needless to say, I have made my laundry room spotless TODAY!

Setting 3: Kids in the bath, me in the shower.

Mom: "Hey kids!"
Kids: "YEAH!"
Mom: "Mommy and daddy have hired Kaitlyn Blankenship to baby sit you tonight."
Kids: "You mean KK?"
Mom: "No, the black haired Kaitlyn."
Tyson: "How in the world did you get her to agree to babysit us?"
Mom: "I just asked!"


Setting 4: Jax heads to the bathroom to do his business.

Jax: "I have to poop."
Mom: "Okay, go ahead."
Jax: (from the toilet bowl) "Hey Mom?!?!"
Mom: "Yeah!"
Jax: "If my poop stinks will you still love me?"
Mom: "Of course."

He has the funniest thoughts.