Saturday, August 18, 2012

Football Season Has Begun!

It's that time of year again... FOOTBALL! Tyson's team has 7 committed coaches, his daddy being ONE of them. I have struggled with the football schedule this year. It's so hard giving up my husband 3 nights a week and every Saturday morning, :( but I also recognize that this creates a great bond between Darren and Tyson.

Tyson has had 7 practices and 1 scrimmage so far. Our team won 21 to 6 today. With much excitement, Tyson did make one of the touch downs :) He currently plays 2nd string quarter back.

My little man is #7. He chose this because it's Michael Vick's jersey number. There's something about a man in a uniform. LOL! Okay, for my son, I just mean he's extra cute in his jersey!
From the sidelines "mommy's helper" entertains Lilah and Jax.
Before the game, the coaches observe their team.

These boys don't mess around and I'm not talking about the players :)
Precious Prelsey was there. Her daddy has volunteered to coach this year.
"Forget football! I'm a mom!" ~Lilah
Gabe and his daddy/coach having a serious talk.
James Shelor catches the ball.
"Get ready boys!" ~Tyson
Lilah takes a small break away from Presley to flirt with Jake. Meanwhile, daddy takes his eyes off the team and puts them on his daughter.
Quarter back Ty throws the ball.
Ty runs with the ball.

Pushing away his opponent, Ty runs as fast as he can, and scores a touch down. Way to go TY and BULLDOGS! I LOVE this pic.