Monday, August 27, 2012

Church Picnic

Our Church had it's annual picnic on Sunday. We were fortunate to be able to go this year. In the past two years, we have haven't been able to go because the twins were too young and would have never been able to make it through the day without a meltdown. This year, they did awesome!

The Cannon's hosted it. They live on a huge property of land. Their home is gorgeous and they were so accommodating. They had a small pond that the kids LOVED to catch things from. They found a turtle, salamanders, and crawdads. Volleyball, cornhole, and horse shoes was present. The guys and Kendal had a blast challenging each other in a game of volleyball. We even had a cake bake off contest. Unfortunately, only two people participated. I was NOT one of them, but I was a judge. LOL! Most everyone else just relaxed, enjoyed the beautiful weather that God had blessed us with, ate, AND/OR chased our children. I was ONE of those people :) so I was unable to snap a ton of photos.

Spending time, outside of church, with our family in Christ is not taken for granted because all of our lives are so busy and we don't get to accomplish this, as a group, that often. I am thankful to God for His loving kindness in blessing our family, with West Salem Baptist Church and those who attend.
Everyone lined up for food.
Lilah and Anna catching STUFF!
Jax and Anna catching STUFF!!!!

Best buds!
Jax getting into NO good!

The tough guys and Kendall playing volleyball.
Ty and Gabe created a volleyball game of their own.
This is my dainty, little, princess daughter's outfit after the church picnic. I about died! She is the prettiest Tom Boy I know. Doesn't mind playing in the dirt, BUT, she must have a bow in her hair :)