Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hospitality During Difficulty

During the power outage, the Maggi family blessed our family as well as the Harris family with a homemade meal. It was scrumptious!!!! It was also a nice way to take our minds off of reality. I was impressed that Shannon was able to pull this off as quickly as she did. She had just arrived home from vacation, one day prior, and prepared a meal for 14+ people.

Thank you Maggis!!!! It's our turn NEXT.

"Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality." Romans 12:13

A snap shot of the dinner table.
My sister Whitney with Presley. Whitney really took to her.
I'm not so sure Lilah liked the attention Aunt Whitney was giving to her. Uh-oh, do I smell competition.
The TRIPLETS!!! LOL! In all seriousness, I think Lilah and Cohen look more like twins in this photo.
Caleb doesn't get popsicles often. Aunt Kristin took care of that "problem".
I love the "milk" that fills her little mouth. Such is a newborn's life!
Okay...can everyone just say "AWE!!!!!!!!" She is "precious Presley". Ashely, you owe my sister a sitting fee for this one!!! LOL!
Ugh... okay, another "AWE!!!!!!!!!" please.

My diet coke shadow.

Not sure where the heck Ty was in all of these photos.