Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Karate Kid Part 4

Last night, our family had a fun opportunity to watch the Smith children for a little while. Darren had NO problem entertaining the boys (Tyson, Haden, and Grayson). Although the video went on for only two minutes, this entertainment lasted almost an entire half hour. Grayson and Haden's hair was drenched in sweat and had welt marks all over their faces from the "Karate Kid". It was quite hysterical. Lilah, Loren, and Jax played in the kitchen and with the doll house. It was way too rough for their age group.

This photo is a sneak peak of what went down in our basement last night :) To view this video and get the most out of it, be sure to double click on it and view it in the LARGEST version possible. I took the video clip with my iphone so the screen is tini tiny on the blog.
Not sure where my husband gets his energy, but I sure wish we could bottle it up and sell it. I would be the first person in line for it!!! He's such a giant kid. I love it and the kids love it :)

I think Darren has been watching WAAAAAY too many of these movies.