Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I guess I took a break from snapping photos on Mother's Day, but I was able to snap the photo of my gift because it's still hanging up in the same place where it was presented to me. Darren and the kids colored me a nice picture and put their own special touches to it. Attached was a list of ideas of how I could spend my Mother's Day cash (I barely saw the cash because it was camouflaged) Darren knows what I like :), but figures cash is always the greatest gift. For me, he's right. Now I can spend it at my own leisure. On top of this sweet picture, I was treated to Mamma Maria's for lunch and Chipolte for dinner. I feel my love handles growing larger and larger. :) Before Chipolte, we went to the Fresh Market to pick up some specialty items. We received a phone call from Shawn and Kailtlyn Belcher asking if they could come to the Fresh Market to tell us something. They wanted to tell us in person that they are expecting their first child at the end of December! Their 1 year Anniversary is coming up in a few days... It didn't take long to start their family. Congratulations kiddos!!! :)

The was spent with all three of my children and Darren. Although there were a few little kinks in the day due to behavioral issues or sibling rivalry, I still had a very enjoyable day! I hope you did too!