Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Park Fun!

I'm BAAAAAAAAACK! Man o'day do I have a TON of stuff to report on. I am going to start from beginning to end, so the party pics won't be on the blog at LEAST until tonight, if not tomorrow night. It was a success though, if I must say so myself.

Up first, a warm park day of fun in MARCH! It's always a pure joy to hang out with my "Sensational 6" girls and their insanely well behaved children! We really could own our own pre-school!
Smiley Daniel! He is used to the camera because Momma is a photographer.
Baby Kohlton. He is such a pretty boy!
Julia and Caleb race down the slide. Yes, Caleb goes down head first. His mommy and daddy have genes that create insanely strong and fearless children.
Rest assured Caleb did NOT get injured.
Cohen blowing bubbles! Haha. Not really. I blew them, he tried to eat them, and karate chop them, and kick them. This kid is crazy!