Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Cutest Thing Ever....

Tyson has really gotten into reading and writing lately. Yesterday, he was quite independent and spent well over 25 minutes or more, in his room, by himself. Once I realized he was alone with the door shut, I peaked in and said, "Ty what are you doing?" He said, "Nothing!" and he threw something quickly into his closet as if he was caught red handed. I said, "Ty, you're not doing NOTHING! What's going on?" Tyson insisted he wasn't doing anything. I guess he thought he'd get in trouble for what he was doing. When I finally got it out of him, here's what I found out...
He wrote a note to stick on his door. It read,

"If you wa to come in nock only jax can come in without nocking."

It really melted my heart. I will never remove this note unless TY wants to. It is so sweet to see the bond that Ty and Jax have created.


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