Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful for blessings....

The Lord has blessed me beyond all measure. It sounds so cliche, but I had to say it anyway. The Lord knows my heart AND He knows I did not just say that to say it. I'm not going to lie, many days, I do not recognize the blessings. Life is so hectic. Some days are harder than others, but I do have a burning desire for my paths to be properly guided so that, these blessings do not go unnoticed, not for a second, but it's tough. I want to be more focused on Him, but responsibility steps in and distracts. Sometimes my day passes and I think, "Wow, I really failed today!" It's painful. As I sit here in silence (oh how I love a deafening moment), I am filled with emotion about what tomorrow (Thanksgiving) is all about. It's a day of gratitude. Gratitude and thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father who has given us ALL that we have. My heart literally aches with emotion, knowing that God loves us so much and has given us HIS only son to pay the penalty for our sins. If only I could comprehend this even MORE than I think I do. I am MOST thankful for our Heavenly Father. No one is as great a Him. In those moments of incomprehension, I pull through because I have faith. In those tough days, I pull through because of what He has done for me. In those moments of failure, I pull through because of what He has given to me. Today, I am thankful for blessings...

1. Salvation in Jesus Christ. What a blessing that I am no longer blind. What love and security to know my sins are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. What hope to know that one day I will meet Him face to face. I love you Lord Jesus.

2. My marriage to a good, faithful, godly man! My husband's salvation has not just been the greatest blessing for me, but also for my children. Thank you for leading us Darren. Thank you for surrendering your life to our Lord. I love how driven and dedicated you are to our family. An amazing team player. I love you honey!

3. The tiniest miracles, yet biggest responsibilities of my lifetime... my children. I fail daily to recognize these helpless and dependent creatures as blessings. Parenthood is tough. I keep saying, "motherhood is kicking my butt!" LOL! We are in a rough and exhausting season in the parenthood world, but at the end of the day, I look at them, tucked in their beds, and my heart truly does melt. The Lord is refining me through motherhood and I am thankful he uses them to sanctify me :) Tyson, Lilah, and Jaxon I love your smiles, your smells, and your kisses/hugs. I love all of YOU!

4. My sensational 6 - What great godly women - who encourage me, pursue me, relate to me, hold me accountable and care for my soul. I never thought I could have a group of girlfriends that would be so genuine, real, loyal, and faithful without the accompaniment of backstabbing. What a blessing. What a remarkable blessing. I LOVE YOU GIRLS!

5. Prayer and Worship - I take this for granted and ask for your prayers on this. Although I do NOT utilize my ability to pray as often as I should, I am so happy that we live in a country where prayer is acceptable and not punished. I am thankful for songs of praise/worship. What a BEAUTIFUL way to show the Lord you love him and are grateful to Him.

6. Pastors and Mentors - The depth of theology our church body is introduced to and taught, on a weekly basis, is incomparable to anything I have ever experienced in my life. I am thankful for the blessing of dedicated, wise, and godly pastors/mentors.

7. Food, Shelter and Clothing... It's a common grace that everyone, on this earth, gets to partake in. What a gracious God we have. He owes us NOTHING and yet he gives us everything. Even those who profane the name of Christ. God you are good.

8. Health and Safety - In just the past 4 months, through different tragedies of others, we have been reminded of how fortunate we are to have our health and to be kept safe from harm. God is so good.

9. Financial/Career Stability - In a dying economy, I am thankful my husband has been able to continue providing for our family and am thankful for a stable job at Bolling Steel.

10. Breaks, Naps, and Sleep - How refreshing it is to be able to take a small break away from responsibility and rejuvinate yourself. I love preschool days :), short 20 minute naps, and sleeping at night next to the man of my dreams! ... that's you Darren. ;)

I know there are MORE reasons I am thankful , but I figured listing 10 of them would drive the point home!!!!