Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stick It, Dip It, and Double Dip It!!!


It's "easy peasy" and makes a great presentation. I chose to make these for our Church's Reformation Celebration. They are supposed to replicate candy corns.

What you need?
(1) Pack of lollipop sticks
(1) Bag of LARGE marshmallows
(2) Bags of Chocolate Candy Wafers
1. Stick a marshmallow into a lollipop stick
2. Dip 3/4 of marshmallow into melted orange chocolate. Wait for it to cool/dry.
3. Dip 1/2 of the marshmallow into the melted yellow chocolate.
4. Let "dry"

IF you desire to add sprinkles or coconut or any beautiful embellishment, you must sprinkle it onto the "wet" chocolate before it dries (making this step 4).

They sure do look pretty, but I can't tell you what they taste like. I am not into wasting calories on stuff like this. The kids enjoyed them and there wasn't one marshmallow left.

Be sure to use your A.C. Moore 40% off coupons when buying the needed items.