Sunday, October 9, 2011

Homestead Creamery Farm Day!

On Saturday, our family of 5 hopped in the van and headed to Bedford to attend the 3rd Annual Homestead Creamery "Farm Day". We went to it the first year and loved it! The family who owns the farm is so gracious to entertain their customers and anyone else who is willing to join in on the fun. Here is a small list of the fun we got to enjoy: milking a cow, ride a trackless train, make homemade butter, witness homemade apple butter being made, horse and carriage ride, tractor ride, tour the milk factory, "play" with the cows, calves, chickens, goats, lambs, tool making, painting gourds and so much more!!! My only complaint was that the word is getting out on this event and it was so crowded this year compared to the first year we went. The weather was gorgeous though, so even just to be out enjoying some fresh air was so nice!!!!

I was humored by a friend who knew we were on our way to attend this event when she said, "Your family doesn't strike me as farm lovers." She is 100% right, NORMALLY, but this event is very educational. Getting up close and personal with a cow is, for me, incredible. They are very neat animals. I even like the smell of their manure. Weird, I know. Seeing what farm life it is like and all the ways that products we eat daily are grown or made makes you appreciate steak, milk, eggs, chicken and apple butter so much more.