Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"All I want for Christmas is my 3 Front Teeth"

A few months back, Tyson went to the dentist for routine visit. An x-ray showed that he had an extra tooth up top. Weird, 10 teeth on the bottom, 11 on the top. Dr. Ward said, "We will just keep an eye on it and check him at his next visit." Six months later, we were scheduled for an additional routine cleaning. I almost cancelled the appointment out of laziness. It's never a simple task taking three kids to a dentist office. Something inside me said, "Go!" So I did. Dr. Ward offered to do a free dental x-ray to check up on Tyson's situation. Originally, Dr. Ward told me that Tyson had an extra tooth, but the new X-ray revealed that his extra tooth was actually considered a 3rd front tooth. 3 baby front teeth? WOAH!!!!! After our dentist spoke with an orthopedic surgeon, we were informed that Tyson not only has 3 baby front teeth, but 3 adult front teeth too. We were told that surgery, for Tyson, is not just suggested, but urgent due to the crowding that is taking place. Dr. Ward explained all of the reasons behind why this surgery is necessary and urgent. He followed it up with a lovely, "This isn't just simply getting a tooth pulled. This is a big deal." Tyson will have to get his baby tooth pulled, then they will have to cut his mouth to remove the FIRST grown up tooth, and HOPEFULLY the second grown-up tooth will come out on it's own. If not, an additional surgery will be required for the second grown-up tooth to be pulled to it's necessary position.

We meet with the Dr. Meador (orthopedic surgeon) on Monday, October 10th @ 3:00pm to find out all of the details. Darren is really upset about this. Of course, I am too, but I am in denial about it. We are concerned about him "going under" both the "knife" and receiving anesthesia, missing school, pain as well as pain management, Tyson's general fears and cost being we DO NOT have dental insurance. We would love prayer for all of the above!

If you see Tyson, PLEASE DO NOT MENTION THIS SURGERY to him! We have yet to tell him about the actual confirmation that surgery is required.

Apparently, my father has had 3 entire sets of teeth, so we now know which side of the family this 3rd tooth came from. :(