Friday, September 30, 2011


I have been suffering with adult acne for a few months now. I cannot pinpoint what the heck is causing it. Many articles I've read and people I have spoken to say that stress is a big contributing factor. My life is not "stressful". I mean yes, I am a busy mom, with tons of responsibility which often causes me to feel overwhelmed, but I know a ton of moms with similar "stresses" and who have no pimples. Other suggestions are hormonal changes. I guess that's always a possibility. I spent 2 weeks depleting my caffeine intake and increasing my water intake, forcing myself to drink (1) gallon of water a day. My hope was that adding an excess of water would flush and nurture my skin, but it did nothing really. My mother-in-law and I have invested in a few great acne products by clinique and they have helped some, but not to the point of clearing my face entirely. The MAJOR problem area is my forehead. Darren has threatened to send me to "pickers anonymous" and has begged me to STOP picking my face. It seems impossible. It truly is an addiction. After reading some great pimple remedies and watching this video, I vow to myself and my husband to NOT pop my pimples. It will be the hardest vow I ever make to myself and to my HUSBAND. As silly as this sounds, I will add this to my prayer journal and IF you are a prayer warrior, will you pray for me ONE time on this? I'm going to give these remedies a shot and force myself NOT to pick and if that doesn't work, I am going to go a step further and try pro-active and eventually go to a dermatologist.

IF YOU SEE A BIG ZIT ON MY FACE, I KNOW IT'S THERE! LOL! Ignore it, so I can ignore it too. Although, I will be investing in some rubbing alcohol as well as some needles. Whoever is my secret santa this year.... keep these small ideas in mind, ha ha. Just teasing. I don't want rubbing alcohol and needles.

** Disclaimer ** I do NOT care for Oprah at ALL! This video was attached as a link to the pimple remedy website. It's like a train wreck... you can't stop watching it.