Sunday, September 18, 2011

Date Night With My Hubby

Last night, Darren and I got away for a few hours. It is always a blessing to take time away from our responsibilities and spend some time focusing on our love and each other's needs. I had anticipated this date for a few days. We went to the new steak house, Longhorn! It was scrumptious! I'd have to say, Outback now has some competition. We ran a few errands and then we headed up to the Roanoke City Star!!! The drive up was a little eerie. We joked to try and lighten the mood, but Darren followed it up with, "This is a license to die!" I replied back by saying, "Yea, I think we've watched ONE TOO many Datelines. Maybe we should turn around. At least leave your wallet in the car." LOL!!!! It's crazy where your mind will take you in a dark atmosphere. Once we got up to the top of the mountain, we realized we weren't the ONLY crazies. There was a ton of people up there. The weather has been getting a tad chilly, so we stayed long enough to look out over the city and snap a photo of us by the Star. The night was very enjoyable! A HUGE thank you to Destiny and Elise for babysitting. You spent some great quality time with our children (outside play, baking cookies, fun bath time, the game memory, etc....) Our children LOVE you BOTH!!!!!