Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cake Pops

A few weeks back I was in the mood to make cake pops. I had never made them before, but they looked like so much fun. I was at Target and spotted a cake pop book, on sale, for 30% off, so I couldn't resist buying it. The process of making cake pops is SIMPLE, a little time consuming, but simple. There are a ton of steps, but a 5 year old could make them, IF they have a bit of patience. Enjoy viewing the details, in these photos, of how to make cake pops as well as the final results. I used a LEMON cake mix and LEMON frosting, but you can choose any flavor cake mix/frosting your little heart desires. I am on a 30 day detox from dessert (currently on day 13) so I couldn't taste test them, but I got many great reviews. One "taster" asked me to make them for their family and they would pay me. LOL! Another said, "Your cake pops are better than Starbucks'!" That's always a great feeling. I hope to try another flavor soon and get a little more detailed. However, the next time I make them, it HAS to be when I can taste them.