Monday, August 15, 2011

Our First Born Prepares For First Grade!

Did I really just type that? Is my 1st born child really going to 1st grade? Seriously, where the heck has the time gone? Upon arriving home from Myrtle Beach we received a sealed envelope from Tyson's school. The principal announced who his 1st grade teacher would be. Before we opened up the envelope, Darren exclaimed, "Wait, wait, who do YOU want your 1st grade teacher to be?" Tyson's reply was "Mrs. Thompsen!" Apparently his class, at the end of the year, visited each 1st grade teachers' room. Mrs. Thompsen supposedly has a jelly bean jar that she gives out for good behavior. As well as "a homemade cake!" This is all Tyson recalls about her. LOL!

Drumb roll...... Tyson's first grade teacher IS Mrs. Thompsen. A great start to the beginning of 1st grade.
We also learned that the actual school day has been extended by 20 extra minutes. The students' NEW class hours are from 7:50 am (Can you imagine? I have friends that don't get up that early.) to 2:20 pm. My little man is going to be in for a rude awakening come Monday! AND I will be too!

Today, we went to Target, Staples, and Wal-mart to get the ungodly amount of school supplies that are required of first graders. Ummmm, what happened to keeping things simple-stupid. Like JUST pencils and crayons? Check this list out...

(1) Box of Tissues
(1) Rectangular Eraser
(2) Boxes of 24 Count Crayons
(2) RED Ballpoint Pens
(2) Black Sharpee Markers
(2) Black Dry Erase Markers
(2) RED Folders with Pockets
(1) Red and (1) Blue Folder with Prongs
(2) Folders with Pockets ANY COLOR
(1) Box of AT LEAST 50 Sandwich Bags
(2) MEAD Composition Folders
(1) Pair of Blunt Scissors
(12) Glue Sticks
(1) 5" x 8" Crayon/Pencil Box
(1) Package of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
(3) NON Perforated Single Subject Notebooks (Shoot! What is non-perforated? I think I bought the wrong thing.)

For a GRAND TOTAL of $45.00 (minus the cost of the book bag and lunch box).

I tried to relinquish control by letting Ty have a "say so" in picking out his school supplies. My hope was that it would get him excited about school. He was having fun picking things out until the twins started goofing off. He exclaimed, "Mom, I knew it was a bad idea to bring them!" LOL! So grown-up.

Of course Ty got a new personalized book bag, lunch box, and tubberware/silverware to make going to school even more enticing!!!
I'm not going to lie. When school first let out for the summer, I thought, "HOW IN THE WORLD WILL I EVER SURVIVE?" Initially, I caught myself counting the days down till summer was over. Then I realized how much more excitement Tyson really does add to our day. Now, my heart is aching for summer to last a tad longer. I promise, I truly feel this way. Lately, he has been wonderful company.