Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Trip to Paradise - Day 2

On day 2 in Paradise, we spent the entire day enjoying the HOT Bahama sun by the pools. We took breaks in between to be giant kids and ride the many water slides the Atlantis offers. It was wonderful to just relax and it was a lot of fun to people watch. I hate to admit it but that is one of my favorite past times. I must say, there were many people making fools of themselves as they danced to the beat of the Bahamian Dj's tunes. I guess one too many Bahama Mammas will do that to a person. Better them, than me! There are quite a bit of video clips in the photo album below. I am grateful to picasa for allowing me to share them through the album. This way, I don't have to upload each video to youtube all the time. I invested in a water proof camera case (only $25) and I was able to capture our water adventures because of it. It really came in handy!

After enjoying the warm weather and Atlantis' amenities, we headed inside to get ready for dinner. The 2nd night, we ate at an upscale Chinese restaurant called "Chop Stix". I was so full after dinner I felt sick. Good thing I was able to walk off my fullness around the casino. Our nights were usually filled with much humor as we witnessed many crazies throw their money away and MOST women dress in attire that was anything but flattering OR fitting. I'd say one of my biggest complaints about the night life at the Atlantis was that the women seemed to feel an extreme need to dress like prostitutes. I'm not sure I've ever seen more fish net stockings, silicone implants, bra straps, spandex, tight skirts, teased hair, and drag queen make-up in my life. If there is ONE memory I would LOVE to be a distant memory for my husband, as well as for myself, it would be that one.