Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's better than WHOOPIE?

MAKING AND EATING WHOOPIE. Now get your head out of the gutter. I'm a good Christian girl. Do you reallllllly think I'd make a post about the other form of whoopie? HA HA! Okay, some who know me may not put it past me ;) Shame on you. I'm talking about WHOOPIE PIES!!!!! I have had an EXTREME urge to bake lately. It's great for all of my friends because when I get the urge, I go to extreme measures. I made 6 batches of chocolate/peanut butter whoopie pies. That's equivalent to 120 cookies wafers or 60 whoopies. The bad part about the extreme urge to bake, is the COST and the need to test taste. This isn't the ONLY thing I wanted to make this weekend, but I didn't get around to my other ideas. Lucky for my friends though... I have ALLLLL the ingredients purchased. I plan to make something fun and different this week, IF we don't go to the beach. I LOVE MAKING WHOOOPIES!!!!! I am NOT sure I am willing to give out the recipe just yet, but I am willing to share a few pictures below. This MIGHT just be my NEW way of entertaining at birthday parties. There are so many cupcake stores in Roanoke (I know of at least 3), so I'm holding off on sharing the recipe incase I decide to go into business making them. I'd love to own my own bakery and hire a few of my favorite cake baking friends (Erin, Kaitlyn, and Destiny). I'd call my bakery "Makin' Whoopie". LOL!

FIRST, you make the cake like batter. Plop it onto some parchment paper.

Remove them after baking.
And place on a cooling rack face up so you can fill them. PIPE the filling on! I did a peanut butter filling, but I am anxious to try all new types of fills (ie. cheesecake fill)
Add a whoopie on top!
WALA! Roll them in peanut butter chips if you care too? I rolled MY VERY OWN whoopie in chocolate chips. It was TO DIE FOR. I cannot take credit for the recipe per say, but I did pull off baking it to a "t". I hate to toot my own horn, but these were so good. I am so glad I passed them out to West Salem Baptist Church otherwise, I, for sure, WOULD be 10 pounds heavier come Monday. They're definitely a lethal dessert that you do NOT want laying around. The will power I normally have for dessert went right out the window for these. I'm sure my husband will make some comical comment on this post, so let me make it for him....


PS. My hubby, had the willpower for these! He didn't take one tiny BITE even though peanut butter is one of his ALL TIME favs.