Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last Day of Kindergarten!

Tyson's last day of kindergarten was June 8th. It's so hard to believe that his first year of school is over and that he will soon be a 1st grader. I asked Ty what his favorite memory of kindergarten was, after thinking back throughout the entire year, and he said, "My favorite thing about kindergarten was the very first day of school." I guess it is a BIG deal to ride the bus and go to big boy school.

We are glad to have a break from the mundane early routine of showers, breakfast, and packing lunches. We look forward to this summer, much more than last summer. Last summer the twins were not really old enough to do much of anything. The twins are now mobile and slightly independent, so things will be easier and there are more possibilities with this age. The heat is so intense, but we are blessed to have a great neighborhood pool to spend those hot days at as well as a great air conditioner :) We plan to enjoy the zoo, the Green Ridge Water Park, the free movies, and so much more...... Pray for me. Pray for extra patience during the next 75 days!!!
Tyson smiles as he waits for his LAST bus ride of the year!
His first day of school he was all smiles for the camera. School has ruined him. He's "too cool" for a photo now. His last day of school he was giving me a difficult time when I asked him to smile for the camera.
Here comes bus 91.

EVERY SINGLE DAY, once the bus stopped, this was the scene.... Ty and Alice would race to see who could get on the bus first. Looks like he lost this day! A special thanks to Mrs. Robin for being a special bus driver (tell her hello at Wal-mart. She also works at the pharmacy :) AND to Darren for walking Ty to the bus stop EVERY SINGLE DAY but Fridays, due to Bible study.

Tyson was NEVER happy with me greeting him off the bus. He always said, "I wish you would stay inside and let me let myself in. That's what the older kids do." So much for being appreciated as a stay-at-home-mom. I used to do those kinds of things to my own mother, so I guess this is payback. Maybe next year I will grant him his wish.