Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Father's Day/Anniversary!

On June 8th, our family celebrated 3 occasions. FIRST, we went out to eat at Carrabba's Italian Grill to celebrate Darren and I's 10 year wedding Anniversary. Second, we took the kids to Cold Stone Creamery (I stuck to my no dessert plan and got nothing :( :) to celebrate Tyson's last day of school. Darren and I agreed that our trip to the Bahamas was our gift to each other, but I snuck in a few surprises anyway. He's so good to me, I couldn't resist spoiling him for this important milestone. Upon arriving home, I was so anxious because there was a special gift waiting for him in the garage. As we pulled up, Darren opened the garage door, as normal, and was STUNNED when he saw this waiting for him. This gift was actually for Father's Day! We are celebrating it a week early because we will be in the Bahamas on Father's Day!

Aaaron Fernandez sold us his old John Deere tractor. He has a commercialized tractor for all the grass he has to mow, so his John Deere was VERY "gently used" and he was willing to sell it to me after I approached him about helping me pick out a good riding lawn mower for Darren. When Darren saw this he was speechless. THEN, after the cat got his tongue, he said two things:
1. "Where am I gonna put this?"
2. "This doesn't burn near as many calories as a push mower!" Of course he'd say that.
Aaron was a real trooper. I left him a gift bag, a card, a sign that read "Happy Anniversary", a bow, and some tape. I hid it in our extra pantry. I asked him to park the lawn mower in a place that Darren would see it as soon as he opened the garage AND to "decorate" the vicinity it was parked in. HE DID A GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!! Darren was not happy that I didn't stick to our agreement, but I promised him this was for Father's Day, not for our Anniversary. The sign through him off and had him doubting me.
The kids, especially JAX, couldn't wait to get on the mower.
Darren and Ty at Carrabba's Italian Grill.
We were all looking a little rough. The hot weather has us looking a tad sweaty which gives us the "not so fresh" look.
I love my little princess!!!!!!

"That was a yummy dinner, but I'm ready for the GOOD stuff. What about you guys?" Off to Cold Stone Creamery.