Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why I haven't been able to blog lately!!!

Life has been insanely hectic, travel, Mother's Day, Tyson's Birthday, Jody's Birthday, Lisa's Birthday and POOP are just a few things keeping us busy. So busy, I haven't blogged in at least 2 weeks. :( Hopefully after FRIDAY, I will be able to play catch up.
Things are piling up around here. LIKE dishes. This is unheard of in our home, but not this week. I am besides myself. Thanks to my hubby the dishes are getting done. He's the best at this task.
What's that spotted in the dishwasher? Are those dinosaurs?
Yes. Dinosaurs. Preparing for Tyson's 6th birthday party. The theme... DINOSAURS.
I put Jax in his crib without a diaper. I said, "I'll be right back!" I ran downstairs to get a diaper and look what I returned to.
Motherhood is a dirty job!


  1. Kristin, only YOU would take a picture of actual poop. Are you sure Jax did it and not like, Darren? That is pretty impressive for a 2 year old.

  2. haha :) you can tell i love your children b/c this doesn't even gross me out!


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