Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Silly String Fight

Granee gave each of the kids silly string in their Easter packages, so we saved it for a day when we were going to be playing outdoors. Lilah and Jax didn't know what it was. At first it scared them, but then, after I spoke to them about it, they thought it was a blast. Their little fingers weren't strong enough to push the button down, but as long as they had a can in their hand, they were golden and happy! Of coarse this was the PERFECT item for a kid who loves to pester and torture his siblings. You will see below how much satisfaction he got from torturing Lilah and Jax during this silly string fight.

I never would have dreamed of having 3 kids. I, personally, would have NEVER asked for that, but aside from the lack of sleep and the temper tantrums, I am so grateful God knew better for me. The smiles on their faces, in these pictures, just brings pure joy to my life.

Jax's shirt came from Erin Carroll for his birthday. She and I joked and said, "It really should say Momma's Boy on it instead." BUT for this occasion, it works.

It's a great way to get your frustrations out!!!!