Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Truthful Tuesday Part 2

I wouldn't normally do (2) Truthful Tuesdays, but I could not let this one slip.... and I didn't want to wait until NEXT Tuesday, because this story would be OLD NEWS by then.

This bag is my returns bag. It sits in the back of my car and when I have something to return, the item goes in it, so that it's not just laying around the house or all over the car. The bag goes everywhere I go.
Today, inside the bag are two really nice shirts from BUCKLE. You know the store that sells jeans for $150.00 per pair?
Well, the shirts are in the bag because they have to be returned. WHY? The alarm tags are on them AND NOT because we bought them and the store clerks forgot to remove the alarm tags, but because my sweet, innocent, 2-year-old daughter stole them without our knowledge. I noticed them as I was unloading the car on Saturday while shopping at Valley View Mall with Darren, for his Spring attire. We had NO time to run back into the mall and return them, so I called the store and told them what happened. Needless to say, I will be returning the two shirts on Wednesday. Each shirt cost $42.50 a piece. Do you think they will get her for grand larceny?