Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lilah and Jaxon's 2nd Birthday Party PICTURES!!!!!

Lilah and Jaxon are finally 2. It's so hard to believe. All you prayer worries, pray for me when you think about it. I am officially the mommy of two, 2 year olds. YIKES. The birthday party theme: Noah's Ark. It was originally scheduled to be at the Mill Mountain Zoo, but due to yucky weather, we moved it to our home a few days before hand. I honestly was thrilled with that decision even though it was so sad to not get to spend the day at the zoo with our friends. I was able to decorate the night before and that was really relieving. In place of the zoo for entertainment, Darren and I hired Mrs. Snookums the clown. She was very entertaining. She painted faces, did a magic show, a bell show, and made animals out of balloons. This was the best age for a clown because the kids were unfazed nor scared. I had a lot of fun planning this party. I incorporated the rainbow into the theme since that goes along with the story of Noah's Ark. Enjoy the photos!!!!! There are a ton of them, but I only SUBMITTED the best and most descriptive ones.

Be on the look out for the next post including all the great gifts they received.

Thanks to everyone who attended. You made their day memorable with your presence.