Thursday, April 28, 2011

6 Days And Counting With My "Sensational 6"!

Next Friday, May 6th, the girls from our small group are leaving our husbands and children behind for a fantastic and much anticipated Mother's Day weekend in Richmond, VA. We are staying at the Sierra Hotel, located on the grounds of Short Pump Town Center. We have had this trip planned for over 2 months now and it's finally coming to fruition. We cannot wait!!!!!
Friday, we plan to leave early (11 am). We will spend Friday relaxing at our hotel and really enjoying each other's company away from the distraction of our cute little children. The hotel has a very quaint pool area which includes an adjoining hot tub, a gigantic fire pit, HUGE lounge chairs, and I think they even have a tiki bar. We also plan to eat dinner at the world's famous Cheesecake Factory!!! This is the ONE day I am allowing myself to splurge on sweets before my trip to the Bahamas in June.
Saturday morning, we plan to rise early, workout, eat a gourmet breakfast, included in the cost of our room charge, and finally SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!!!! I am really looking forward to this trip.
This plan originated after my insanely creative hubby left me a note for Valentine's Day with some cash that read,

"We want a day alone with our daddy! So please take this free pass. (1) day at Short Pump Mall or wherever with this money! When:? Whenever Where:? Wherever Who? Mommy & Friends."

I knew going alone would be NO FUN! So I chose the greatest women I know to join me. I am so thrilled to be shopping without diaper bags and strollers, but I am even more thrilled to create lasting memories with my "Sensational 6".

We will arrive home LATE Saturday night, just in time to be pampered on Mother's Day, we hope! LOL!