Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Stroll in the Park with Co-eeen!

First a birthday kiss, now a stroll in the park, holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes. WHAT NEXT? Co-eeen, I love your mommy A LOT, but I'm not sure I love you enough YET to give you my only daughter's hand. Lay off.... LOL!

It's truly the oddest thing. Co-eeeen loves "Tice" and Lilah so much. I'm not sure where poor Jax fits in. I think he's a fourth wheel when Cohen's in the picture.

And speaking of "picture", sorry the photo above is so grainy. It was taken with my cell phone's camera.

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  1. LOL poor Jax. Perhaps Viv, Kate, Julia or Ansley could hold his hand... bless his heart. And YES you do LOVE Cooo-eeen that much to give him your precious Lilah one day

    Would that make us family?


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