Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sensational 6

Some of the greatest gifts God has given to me include the friends I like to call my "sensational 6". God's grace has brought us all together. Although each of these woman bring different qualities to the table, our friendship is strong, solid, and built on our common love for Christ. I'm not sure I could ever experience a greater friendship than I have experienced with these woman.

The word friend is so misapplied. I think we have facebook to thank for that. We call each other friends but it goes much deeper than the "friend" one has on their facebook account. Our friendship is something we have worked hard to attain, but with much pleasure. I say we've worked HARD because we are all hard-working mothers and wives and that job is FIRST priority (aside from our walk with Christ of course). I say we have worked hard because we have an intimate knowledge of each other's lives, each other's fears, and each other's goals. We also know silly things about each other: our favorite desserts, our pet names for our spouses, and our weaknesses.

And finally, we NEVER let our birthdays pass without celebrating!!!! This month we celebrated Dawn, Erin and my birthday at the Outback Steak House. We all left there agreeing that we hadn't laughed so hard, like we did, in a while. The conversations were all over the board, but definitely glorify to our Savior.
I brought Erin and Dawn some birthday accessories: hat and glasses!!!! Ashely made sure I, too, was humiliated by bringing me a cupcake headband to wear. Thanks Ashely.
Everyone was laughing hysterical at me because during this serious group photo, I forgot to take the cupcake off my head. I couldn't feel it because my hair is so fluffy. Oh well, I don't mind being the brunt of a joke!!!
We got the hostess to take one final shot of us! This time I remembered to take the headband off.

I love you GIRLS!