Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Uneditible Cupcakes

Today was the day I signed up to make the Maggi's a yummy meal as a congratulatory gift in welcoming their first born son, Daniel, home. I do not have any pictures to share of baby Daniel because I am REALLY sick and I didn't bring the meal to them. I just couldn't chance getting a newborn sick. I will get to meet him soon enough though. Poor Dennis had to come by and pick up the meal. Darren called it "Curbside to Go!"

Darren always loves when I cook for new parents because that means he's coming home to a gourmet meal as well. I didn't capture any pictures of the meal, but I did capture a few photos of some uneditible cupcakes I made. Why are they uneditible cupcakes? They are uneditible cupcakes because each cupcake is made with a pair of baby socks and a baby washcloth. I stuck a candle in each cupcake to give it that extra cupcake look.

Items Needed:

Cupcake Liners
Cupcake Box or Muffin Tin
Your Time and Creative Touch

In honor of Daniel turning 1 week old (yesterday), I thought this was a great way to give him "cake" without really giving him cake.