Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Can You Do With 150 Balloons?

Today, Tyson and I created a balloon wreath for Granee. This Friday it's her birthday and we were not sure what to buy her, so instead of making a purchase, we chose to make her something. It's those handmade gifts that mean so much more than a store bought one. This wreath was really easy to make, not to mention fun, especially to a kid. After all, what child doesn't enjoy playing with balloons (deflated or inflated)?

What you will need:

A Straw Wreath (16" - 18")
150 - 200 Balloons
100+ Greening Pins
Your Creativity and Unique Touch

I highly recommend leaving the plastic on the wreath otherwise it sheds everywhere. This makes an amazing gift, a fun party decoration, or a gorgeous centerpiece on a table. This craft took us approximately 15 minutes to
make. I only had 120 balloons on hand. I hope to run out and buy another bag tonight in hopes of really beefing this wreath up a bit. If I don't have the time, we're certain Granee will still love it!!!!

What does this cost?
The wreath is normally $3.99, but at AC Moore or Michael's you can use a 40% off coupon, making the wreath close to $2.40. The balloons can be purchased at the dollar store, unless you want a special theme related balloon. I bought 8 bags of balloons at the dollar store for a future wreath I plan to make for my own kiddies. The greening pins are .99 cents for a quantity of 50. Technically, with (1) wreath, (8) bags of balloons, and (4) boxes of greening pins, you can have yourself a very unique gift for approximately $15.00. Not bad, huh?