Monday, February 29, 2016

Oh SI-man!

We are still adoring our sweet SI-man aka Simon.  He is just a complete spitfire.  Fierce! He will destroy anything from a fly to Robber.  Watch out buddy...he will eat you alive!!! They don't call these dogs "ankle biters" for nothing.  
 He is so very playful. LOVES a good squeaky toy.
Enjoys snuggling a ton, so much that he almost needs to be suffocated to be content.  
He enjoys daily "pup cups" from Starbucks and peanut butter a TON!
Loves his BIG SISTER, Sadie, and sometimes gets sad when she is at Doggie Daycare and he isn't.  
HIS first birthday is coming up soon, April 25th to be exact! It's hard to believe he isn't ONE yet.

Undefeated Season ~ Way To Go Warriors!

 Basketball season is so...
 FUN to watch...
 Great exercise...
 And the WARRIORS nailed it this season!
 Their team went undefeated playing teams from Cave Spring, Hidden Valley, and Glenvar.  
I really enjoy basketball season.  Ty really blows me away at how fast and in tune he is to his opponents next moves. I hope he plays basketball in Middle/High school and I also hope he grows several feet before then.  LOL! A special thank you to Amy Phelps for taking the group photo.  I was only able to watch half of this game, so I "hired" Amy to take some good photos afterwards.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Heart String Art

Oh...the time of year that I sorta dread...AUCTION time at Fort Lewis Elementary School.  I don't know why I dread it.  I guess I don't really consider myself artistic, so having to come up with an art project seems foreign to me.  As room parent, I am responsible to design a project that the 5th graders can help with and turn in to be auctioned off.  This is ONE of the completed projects. It's called "Heart String Art". I LOVE IT! I am working on ONE more though and I think it will for sure top this one.  
The directions are simple: using a 12x12 piece of wood and a print out of a heart of your liking, hammer nails all the way around the heart. Remove paper.  Then, measure about 1" along the entire board.  Draw a square, lightly, with a pencil, and hammer the nails over your penciled square.  You could pre-drill holes if you are having a hard time hammering the nails into the board.  
 I chose to use the colors royal blue and yellow because those are the school colors.
Isn't it just perfect?
Ms. Harlow asked the kids to sign the board. It's not exactly the place I would have desired for them to sign, but I guess it does make sense for their autographs to be visible.  
Be on the look out for an additional, auction project that I am working on.  It's definitely a ton of fun and insanely unique. Give this simple project a try! It would be perfect for a little girl's room. ALL the money raised, at the auction, go to the school!!!

Jaxey Lost His First Tooth!!!

Has it really been 11 days since I last posted?  WHAT.IN.THE.WORLD?  I have a few small excuses.  1. I dropped my camera and the flash broke.  Mr. Cannon is in the repair shop.  2. I got a new camera, Sony a6000 and I don't know how to use it well. 3. I am leaving tomorrow for a weekend getaway with my lovely hubby and I have been killing myself to get out of town! Cleaning every single crack and cranny, not an ounce of laundry in sight, packing for me and three kids (who are staying with friends), loading the fridge with lovely foods for the dog sitter, and still doing daily life! I can finally breath and relax starting tomorrow.  

ANYWAY! Back to Jax.  Our baby, yes he's the baby, lost his first tooth.  It had been loose, but we were used to that meaning a few more days before it fell out.  Jax was snacking on an apple and all of the sudden he started to cry (typical) and his mouth was bloody.  He was so scared, but Darren came to his rescue and reassured him that he lost his first tooth.  It all happened FAR TOO FAST. I would have loved to of documented MORE, but I couldn't.  

Here are some sweet photos that I did get though.

Jax immediately wanted to work on writing a note to the tooth fairy. 
While he wrote, he held his mouth like this.  Haha.  This is where I wish I could insert the emoji that cries.
Simply precious.  I love my brown eyed boy.
Darren printed Jax this certificate. We both died with laughter because it's supposed to be something you get FROM the tooth fairy.  Good thing Jax didn't get it.
Under the pillow it went.
Jax was also dying to know if the tooth fairy was a "he or a she?"
I have yet to snap a photo of what the tooth fairy brought Jax.  BUT...HE did leave a $10 bill and a note.  

Monday, February 15, 2016

Cupcakes, YUM-EEEE!

I have been making some delicious cupcakes over the last few weeks. Sadly, I haven't eaten them, but that just means I am blessing others and ingesting LESS calories. I do NOT share my recipe, but I do share the taste, by allowing others to eat them, and of course you can always check out their appearance through photographs.  
The first round of cupcakes I made was for two birthdays and one contest I was running! They were oreo cookie cupcakes: chocolate cake, creme filling, and buttercream icing.  I placed a mini oreo and a heart-shaped cookies and cream chocolate bar. 
The second round was for the teachers at Fort Lewis Elementary School. They worked late for a day of  parent/teacher conferences. I signed up to bring them dessert.  These cupcakes were white chocolate reese's cup cupcakes: vanilla cake, french vanilla filling, a a White Chocolate, Mini Resee's Cup on top.  
I chose to swirl the normal buttercream icing with some creamy, jiff peanut butter.  Ty said they were excellent.  

Sadie and Simon ~ Snow Fun!

We had a HUGE snow a few weeks ago and I am JUST NOW getting around to posting Sadie and Simon's snow-fun. If I am not mistaken, this was Sadie's second and Simon's FIRST snow experience.  Coincidentally, it snowed another 10" last night so I am having total dejavu. These two dogs add so much comedy and joy to our lives.  They are definitely an extra responsibility, but I think the overall love and companionship we receive from them is well worth every second.  
Sadie LOVES the snow!!!
Sadie and Simon enjoyed a good dog fight in the snow.
I like to call them Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  You might think Simon is Devito and Sadie is Schwarsenegger. Size are correct, in your thinking, but attitude wise, it's the other way around.  
I LOVE OUR Sadie girl!!! She's so powerful and fierce, but is also so loving.  
Simon is a great "guard" dog.  He's definitely vocal and has truly help me understand the meaning of "ankle biter". I love his intense NEED to snuggle. He ONLY loves his family and other animals.  He's not really into other human beings.  If you are reading and you believe he likes you, then consider yourself an awesome person. Haha.  
Sadie, on the other hand, LOVES everything and everyone, especially the trash can and other dogs. LOL!