Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bride and Groom Cash Gift!

Lilah and Jax's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Dixon, got married over the labor day weekend. I was so excited for them.  We were able to bless them by letting them stay at our Beach Condo, for their honeymoon, part of it was payment for watching our dogs for 10 days, (while we went to the beach), but the other part was a gift!
I also put together several gifts for their honeymoon.  
I wanted to give them a little bit of cash, but I wanted it to be fun to receive, so I turned their cash gift into a bride and groom. I folded the cash a certain way and added some stickers and tule, along with her new last name!!!
Lilah colored them a special wedding photo.

They make an adorable couple and their marriage is built on the solid rock of Christ. I wish them all the BEST!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Cheer Olympics 2015 (Photos)

Lilah, along with many other cheerleaders, enjoyed the 2015 Cheer Olympics yesterday.  Despite the dreary weather, the girls arrived looking adorable and CHEER-y.  Haha.  I only took a small amount of photos because I just cannot find a setting on my camera, or possibly my flash is NOT powerful enough, to create a good looking photo.  I get easily frustrated when I can't eventually capture the perfect shot.
The girls received a metal after it was all over!
Ansley and Lilah #BFF
Lilah's fan club!  Sadly, I didn't get a picture with my girl because I am the photographer.
Now that Lilah knows what to expect, I think she will really be anticipating this event next year!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cheer Olympics 2015

Lilah participated in her very first CHEER OLYMPICS today! It was held at the Northside Middle School, in the gymnasium. The lighting was AWFUL, so I took more videos than anything. I recorded all of the Lilah's cheers and the dance, in addition to the other girls we know and love! I captured some photos, which I will put in a different post. If you listen closely, Lilah is the "READY" girl... she gets her team started.  It's adorable to witness.  I am a proud mommy for sure. Each girl received a metal to take home for their hard work.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Pick The Right One" For President!!!

Our little VP aka Vice President, of Fort Lewis Elementary School, is trying to be promoted to President this year.  He made this decision, on his own, and has taken the proper steps to apply.  First, he had to fill out a form, applying for the position. In order to be able to even run for election, students must: 1. Maintain an A/B average, 2. Must exibit good character. 3. Must be in good standing with both the student body and the teaching staff.  After filling in the form, each student needs to have their current teacher sign off and approve it.  If it gets approved (which TY's did), the next step is to fill out an application and answer a serious of questions as to WHY you wish to fulfill the role, of the position, you are applying for. Ty also completed that.  

The next step is to hang campaign posters, in two high traffic areas, in the school.  Each campaign runner is allotted two posters.  There are certain specifications to meet, for instance, the poster cannot be larger than the average poster size AND each poster must be hung on a certain date and removed by a certain date.  
This year, Ty chose the slogan, "PICK the Right ONE For President!", so for his first poster we took a spiffy looking photo of TY picking his nose.  Haha.  
Ty hung his funniest poster outside of the cafeteria. Sort of a gross poster to view right before you eat lunch. Hehe.
His next poster said, "I'm RUNNING for President!" And basically, I had the tough job of capturing Ty as he ran. Here are a few of the pics. On your mark, get set, go!!!!!!!

 I love how smiley he was as he ran!
Ty hang this poster outside of the school office for ALL to see when they walk in the school building, each day!
The final step is for each student to write a speech and deliver it to the entire school next Wednesday.  I will be there to cheer him on.  We are excited for Ty, but we are also keeping him humble, as he runs against at least 4 other classmates, that I know of.  The Lord will reveal His plan.  Win or lose, we are so proud of TY for having the courage to follow his aspirations, being involved in his school, and speaking in front of his entire school: peers, teachers, and staff. VOTE FOR TY!

Glenvar Highlanders Vs. Glenvar Bulldogs

The Glenvar Highlanders played against the Glenvar Bulldogs on Wednesday night.  This is always a hard team to play because we all live in the same neighborhoods and go to the same schools.  It's NEVER fun playing against your friends, but the reality is, one day, we will all be together, cheering our boys on in both middle school and high school.  For now, the other reality is one team has to loose and one team has to win.  We just so happened to be the team to win this game. The final score was 43 to 18.  The Bulldogs didn't score until the "mercy rule" was in effect.
My photos aren't the greatest.  :( I am having too much fun actually watching the games this year and conversing with the team parents.
I love watching the boys come off the field at half time.  They are sweaty, stinky, and looking wiped out.  
 Water Break.
Nick Woodson and Jackson Swanson.
Elijah watches gabe pour water on his shoulder pads?!?!?
Coach Nick giving a pep talk!
 The coaches trying hard NOT to show any signs of enthusiasm that their team is dominating.  
 I love watching my boy in action. Ty (#1 jersey) preparing to tackle!
 Off Ty goes, to pass, run, or throw the ball.
 Down the bulldogs go!
I love watching this age group play.  They are all able to finally put what they've learned together fully and give it their all! We play the Bulldogs again NEXT Wednesday. Please come out and cheer us on.  Currently, we are undefeated.  It's been a wonderful and exciting season.  
Our coaching staff and players begin and end EVERY game with the most important thing anyone can do...pray! If God is for us, who can be against us? I'm so thankful they take the time to do what matters most above all. What a great ministering opportunity coaching CAN be.