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OUR 2012 Christmas Card!!

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Where Was God?

I think Mike Huckabee did a phenominal job answering the question, "Where was God?", for all of those who are trying to blame HIM for the tragedy in Connecticut. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Preschool Party and Christmas Show!

Lilah and Jax had a ton going on this week at school.  First up, a Christmas party.  Each classmate was assigned to bring an item in lieu of their lunch boxes.  They designed their own party lunch/dessert.  
The next day, they had their big performance at school.  The kids have been practicing for several weeks now.  Their song selections were "Happy Birthday Jesus", "Away in a Manger", "Go tell it on the Mountain", and the "Dancing Christmas Tree".  I loved the fact that they wore the shirts that made using their handprints and finger prints.  I was realllllly excited because they both performed with FULL GUSTO, unlike last year.  I hope to get the video clip posted on the blog soon.  Get on that honey, chop, chop :)
We were grateful to have an extra audience member join us... Grandnee.  After the show, I made certain to snap a photo of them together.  

Enjoy all the photos, of both events, by double clicking on the photo album below.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Behold The Lamb"

Tonight, our Church performed their first out of two Christmas performances.  Gretchen, our choir leader/pastor's wife, begins planning months and months in advance for this "musical".  Both the children and the adults begin practicing in mid-August.  Gretchen is "no holds bar" and expects precise, clear, well vocalized music out of children and adults of all ages.  She certainly received that tonight.  I have been to at least four of our performances since being a member at West Salem Baptist Church, and by far, this show ranks as the BEST/TOP musical to date.  It was completely FLAWLESS.  
I was so proud of Tyson.  He did so well!!
He played the role of one of the many slaves.
We would love for YOU to join us tomorrow night for the last performance:

Where: West Salem Baptist Church
When:  December 16th @ 6:30 pm
Cost: FREE
The message is quite clear.... A Holy God, sinful people (us), and the shedding of a spotless lamb's blood (Jesus).  Our need for a savior.  A way into Heaven IF we have FAITH and REPENT (turn away from our sin).  It's a message of TRUTH, LOVE, MERCY, and GRACE.  It's a message that comes with good news.  

Grandad and Grandnee, thanks for joining us. I am so glad you enjoyed the show!!!! How could you not, right?

Gingerbread House Tradition_2012

Every year, the kids and I, enjoy decorating gingerbread houses.  I usually buy ONE pre-assembled gingerbread house and allow the kids to decorate it, but this year, I knew that wouldn't be a wise choice.  Each of my kids work at a different pace and has different artistic abilities/visions.  I stumbled across a kit that contained (4) mini gingerbread houses.  I snagged it immediately.  I figured, one per kid, this includes Darren.  
The ONLY downfall was that I had to assemble the houses.  I don't recommend these types.  The kids don't have the patience to wait for their homes to adhere to the frosting.  I don't have the skill to adhere the frosting properly, keeping them assembled.  
Either way, the kids did have a wonderful time.  We used some of the candies in the box to decorate the houses, but we also raided the Halloween candy bucket for MORE!!!!  The kids begged me to let them eat them, but I refused.  I am enjoying using them as my dining room table's centerpiece.
Licking his fingers.... 
Jax works intently, piece by piece.
Lilah works with joy!  Love her.
The first time I ever did this with Tyson, I controlled every single placement of candy.  LOL! But I have since improved my need for things to look perfect by allowing the kids to decorate their homes which ever way they please.  

Reindeer Cookies

For Lilah and Jaxon's preschool Christmas party, I was assigned to bring cookies.  Originally, I went to Wal-mart and just bought store bought cookies, but then I realized how unexciting that would be.  I decided to make the reindeer cookies, found on pinterest.  My friend, Erin, also made them for all of our kiddies to enjoy at the Christmas parade.  If you are looking for a simple, delicious, festive kids snack... try these out!!!

What you need:
Cookie dough (I used the slice and bake)
Pretzels (I used the Christmas tree shaped pretzels)
Candy (I used M&M's and skittles)

These cookies were a big hit and took absolutely NO time to make.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Parade_2012

It's another exciting Christmas tradition of ours..... the Christmas parade.  The kids always look forward to this and SOOOO much more now that we actually have consistent people we go with... our small group.  It was a tolerating chilly night.  The kids were FILLED with excitement and very well-behaved (minus a little sassiness on my daughter's part :(  )  I love being with our small group.  It just feels like ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY!!!!  

Grandad and Grandnee even joined us, but I didn't get a photo of them :(  Sorry guys!

Double click on the photo album below to see the pictures in a larger format.

Fantasyland Field Trip

I had the pleasure of joining my twinsies on their Winter field trip last week.  They went to "Fantasyland" downtown.  Lilah and Jax had never been before, so I was excited for them to see the "real deal" Santa (it's his own beard, haha) sing, read, and interact with them.  I could tell this Santa was trying to display the Christmas message in a christian way, but he had to be "politically correct",  as to NOT offend the public and loose his job.  It's frustrating that in this world, we can speak vulgarity (cuss) into innocent ears or blow cigarette smoke into a non-smokers nose and offending someone is of no value, but speaking of Christ is heavily guarded and/or offensive to the outside world.  

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.  If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. Remember the word that I said to you: a servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours. But all these things they will do to you on account of my name, because they do not know him who sent me." ~John 15:18-21

Offend away Christians. :)  It just means you are putting Christ above man.

Whoops... got a little side tracked :)
Anyway, the twins enjoyed this field trip IMMENSELY, Jax especially. His face was in total disbelief for a full 25 minutes. He never moved!!!!  He was in such awe of this life-like Santa. If you haven't been and are looking for something fun to do with your children, you should take your kiddies.

What's "Nicey" Been Up To These Days?

 "Gone Fishing"
 Captured By Pirates!
 Taped and Bound!  Poor Nicey!
"Drink more water!" Nicey stole my water bottle. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lilah's FIRST Ballet Recital

Lilah had her FIRST BIG debut on stage after 10 full weeks of ballet practice. I did my best to encourage her and prepare her for what being on stage was going to be like. She always had me convinced that she was going to do it and do it well. We practiced the ways NOT to sing (screaming or whispering) and we practiced keeping our fingers out of our mouth (a bad, bad, bad habit for this age group when they are nervous), and we talked about making sure her focus was on her teacher, not the audience. She nailed them ALL!!! It might have been the bribe I made her before she got on stage, but sometimes, you gotta do, what you gotta do. LOL! Her sweet friend Ansley also danced that day. She did exceptionally well too! I hope you enjoy the photos. The next recital is in April or May (I can't keep tract). I hope more family/friends can make it :)
There's my little performer!!!
After Lilah's show, Tyson was elated to give Lilah some pink roses.  
Ansley doing her thang!
Grandad and Grandnee came out to support Lilah
An attempt at a, almost complete, family photo.
Why are these things always so difficult to do?
Lilah received flowers from Ms. Ashely too!
She doesn't forget a soul.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I had a good 1 1/2 hours to update my blog last night.  IF you are about to sit down to "catch up" on the latest and greatest moments in the Bolling household :), be sure NOT to miss ALL the posts. You may have to go to the bottom of this page and click on the link that reads, "Older Posts" to view EVERYTHING!!!!

Enjoy!!! And Happy Reading.

A Visit from Uncle David and FAMILY!

It's been several years since Uncle David and his family have made a visit to Roanoke.  I think the last visit was for Tyson's 5th Birthday party at the Green Ridge Rec Center, 2 1/2 years ago.  It hasn't been that long since the kids have seen them though (maybe 1 year).  David was coming to town to visit us, but also to take his little guy Will to a WWE wrestling match.  We were invited, but the tickets were like $75 a piece so we passed. Upon arriving, we met the Crisafi family at the mall, just to ride the train, play on the playground, and get a bite to eat a Panera.  
Tyson and Will were "too cool" to ride the train.
 But my twinsies and Michael didn't pass up this Christmas fun!
 Aunt Amanda brought the kiddies some adorably cute,
Personalized Christmas ornaments that her co-worker makes.  
Thanks for thinking of us, Aunt Amanda.
 Then, after the littlest ones were put down for their naps,
the daddy's and older boys played hard in our large backyard,
While the mommy's went to get their nails done.
 This photo blessed my day!
This is the FIRST real moment 
That these two played HARD together.
 Both my brother and my hubby are very physically fit and athletic.
 And from the looks of it, 
Their boys are following perfectly in their footsteps.  
 Look at Will go!!!
 They stayed outside for over 1 hour playing football.
 Will LOVES to do anything involving tackling,
Hence the reason he was headed to a wrestling match later on.
 From the looks of this photo,
I think my little nephew had a blast at our home!!!!
Darren and I both agreed that this was a pleasant visit.
It was nice to spend some time with my brother and his family!